Vortex of Creation

Abraham Hicks

Ever since I found the Vortex that Abraham Hicks speaks about I have desperately tried to stay in it, but my other vibrations kept knocking me out. Now, looking back I can see how impossible it was for me to maintain being in the Vortex. I did not know the simple thing I was missing, which was Unconditional Self Love. Abraham, being the Love vibration himself did not understand that we brought with us these programs that keep us out of the Vortex. I stopped listening to Esther Hicks 7 years ago because I knew that something was missing, but I couldn’t understand what it was. We cannot get into the Vortex of Creation when we feel fear, sadness, shame, guilt, or when we are in physical or emotional pain, when there is chaos in the heart because all the painful memories and traumas are creating the chaos in the heart and brain, when we live in the past, or have victim consciousness. The one thing that we need to override all that is the Unconditional Self Love which can be pretty hard to except and feel when stuck in the other vibrational programs.

I could clearly see that my own thoughts were sabotaged by the unwanted programs running in me. This was when I had the strangest thing happen! I used to watch Gaia TV religiously, just so I can learn more from channelers, psychics, and metaphysical experts, but nobody ever mentioned the programs I was seeing. And this is when it happened, nothing would work on my TV, phone or computer. I couldn’t watch anything to learn what I was looking for! I realized there was a reason for that, but had no Idea what, until everything quilted down in my head. Then I clearly heard a voice in a form of a thought that said:” You cannot learn what you want from humans, you have to ask us, we will teach you”. Anohim was talking to me!

I was floored, I knew I communicated with him before, but not like this. He explained that my enormous desire to learn, to know, to understand, and to heal caught their attention. He said that everything and anything I wanted to know was at my disposal because they connected me to Akashic Records. This was the life changing moment! I was asking the questions day and night, my most important question was how to remove the programs I didn’t want and how to obtain the programs for Unconditional Self Love.

“God, how do I love myself 100%?” became the most persistent and the most powerful question. It also changed my life again because every time I asked the question I got the answer about what to do next. I realized that one of the biggest bridges between me and God is taking responsibility for myself, and then, with the Power of God that I was, I would ask the question. Very soon I started manifesting things I asked about in the same form. But the most important piece of the puzzle was LOVE! Love for myself! I could manifest anything I wanted if I felt love in my heart. Vortex of Creation is me, it is also everyone who has courage to love himself or herself unconditionally.

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