Our human condition and physicality actually can block us from Love, and the reason I found it is because of my perseverance in refusing to be a victim of life. We come here to experience contrast, but for some it can be the one thing that blocks them from Love. This became my passion! So I decided to be a channel for the healing energies from God, to bring Love into the present. Love gives us this point of origin for anything we want to create! When we feel love we heal! Abraham Hicks talks a lot about the vibrations, but if people do not know what that is, how can they grasp what to do?

Vibration of the person is the average of his or her main emotions. The word EMOTION means ENERGY IN MOTION. We create energy and vibrations with our thoughts and emotions. The lowest vibration is 20 hertz which is a vibration of shame, Then comes guilt which is 30 hertz, fear vibrates from 30 to 130 hertz, anger, hate, rage , vengeance, jealousy, pain, sorrow, grief, terror and so on are the low vibration frequencies that exist under 200 hertz. CURAGE vibrates at 200 hertz, the kind of courage that it takes to look inside yourself and take responsibility for everything you do.From that point up we have only positive frequencies, so self acceptance is vibrating at 355 hertz, love is 500 and ability to love yourself is 540 hertz. Then comes joy at 610 hertz, peace at 700 hertz, and Enlightenment, which is what we all are looking for, vibrates at 1000 hertz. Here is an interesting thing: Unconditional Self Love also vibrates at 1000 hertz! It means that Unconditional Self Love is the Enlightenment!

I absolutely agree with Abraham Hicks when they say that we attract absolutely everything! Without a shadow of the doubt, I know that releasing and deleting certain frequencies that we do not want completely stops things that we do not want from happening. I personally had a lot of self improvement work on myself, but, for example, I was still getting really frustrated when simple things got in my way, for example: I asked my accountant to write a statement for me and 2 weeks later and after 10 phone calls to remind him, he sent me the statement of something different like he had no idea what I wanted while I clearly explained everything. At the same time my website designer completely forgot that he promised me a new logo 2 weeks ago to be ready in 2 days, and he didn’t remember that I sent him the email with everything 2 weeks earlier. I looked at these two incidents and I realized that it was me who was attracting this. Thank God I can see the programs in myself and I immediately deleted the program causing this vibration. Fifteen minutes later I received a text from CVS that my prescription was ready after just this morning they said that I would have to wait 3 days to get it because they were out!

This was just one example of how vibrations work. We conveniently choose to blame others for what happens to us, while all along we are the ones carrying the programs that create undesirable vibrations. Why would you say we would do this to ourselves? The answer is that we come here to experience the contrast not for our pleasure, but to expand. Our soul is a piece of God, when we struggle, hurt, fight for our life, fight to make our lives better we expand and with our own expansion the Universal God energy expands, also. The main purpose for us all is to find and grow into the Enlightenment, which is the Unconditional Self Love itself. Every negative experience, every struggle, every illness and disease, every painful emotion and loss has all been chosen by us. But here is the GREAT news! We have made it, and God energy has expanded to the number I cannot even pronounce. We are done struggling, hurting, and being abused. It is time for everyone to find the Enlightenment. If you look at vibrations I explained earlier, you will see that Unconditional Self Love vibrates higher than anything els. When you feel love you cannot feel fear. This would be like listening to the AM and FM station at the same time, not possible. Love overrides everything, higher vibration overrides and eliminates the low vibrations. Our suffering is over! And I am here to teach, to help, and to delete all the low vibrations and reinstall high vibrations of Love, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Prosperity and more.

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