What my clients are saying

"I grew up as a heavy child and I had an eating disorder when I was young. Now that I got older I started gaining weight and seeing myself as being fat and old looking. That really had effected my self-esteem and I got to the point of starving myself again out of fear of getting fat. Nina promised she could help me, and she did. I see myself as beautiful, young, I even look younger and thiner. She was able to remove all the contracts, agreements and original events that led me to the eating disorder and poor self image. I am so happy I can be me and not constantly obsess about my looks and being fat. I even lost 15 pounds all in places I hated about myself. I deeply recommend her services to anyone who wants to live a happier and better life!"
Raquel A.
Coral Gables, FL
"I have been studying health, nutrition and healing modalities for forty years, seeking non-pharmaceutical solutions for optimal health. Without doubt, I rank Nina Presman as the best healer I have ever met. Using her unique gifts, she looks deeply into the mind and body without instruments. Her connection is so powerful, she can work her magic over the telephone in minutes. In my case, she has helped me lower my blood pressure without drugs. In other cases, I have witnessed Nina resolve long standing spiritual, physical and psychological problems in my friends, some of whom are world class healers themselves! Nina’s talents are not limited to humans. I have seen her restore pets that were given up as hopeless."
Charles S.
Sarasota, FL
"I first met nena 2 years ago right after the death of my son. My sister and I were devastated, and as soon as we spoke to Nina she was able to channel straight from my son the words that made me feel sane again! Since then Nina has changed my life. I lost all my fears, I became a strong, independent individual instead of being a broken down and submissive person who only lived to please others. I never knew what self love was, or how to put myself first. Nina also healed every member of my family through me, including my children and grandchildren, my husband, my brother and sister, their children as well. Not to mention my cousins and 9 nephews and nieces. I actually could never imagine this kind of healing was possible! I am alive now, and on my way to becoming the person I always dreamt of, but never thought I could achieve, so THANK YOU! Nina..."
Angela Nelson
Tampa, FL
"I guess I have always had what Nina called a poverty consciousness. I was always worried about having to work hard and never having enough money to pay the bills. I did not allow myself spend an extra penny because of my fear of not having enough money. Nina was able to turn it around for me and even taught me how to manifest my own prosperity. I never worry about money any more and it always shows up in my life, even more that I ever thought was possible. I have a new great career, I love what I do, and I am very grateful that I found someone like her to help me."
Liz R.
West Palm Beach, FL
"I don't know where to start! First I had an eating disorder, insomnia, pain everywhere, constant indigestion and so on. Stress was killing me at work and home. I found Nina and I did not believe her, but after the first 3 minutes into the conversation I felt immediate relief from pain in my neck and back, and no stress. She made a believer out of me in 3 minutes. Now, I feel amazing! My work and personal life are blossoming, also. I even met a woman who Nina said was my soulmate and so far so good!"
Gary Finerman
Tuson, AZ
"Since the first time Nina worked on me I felt a complete change in my self confidence! I used to worry about what people thought about me, how I looked to them, and I felt like I was always judged by everyone. I can live my life free of these feelings now, I became the person I always was meant to be! I love myself regardless of any one else’s opinion and that allowed me to love others on a different and higher level."
Sandy W.
Boca Raton, FL
"I came to Nina because I have been having nightmares and sleeping became a very uncomfortable place for me. After the first session I noticed I slept more peacefully and now I feel very comfortable going to sleep. My life had changed, my relationship with my girlfriend is much better and I feel peaceful all the time. Thank you, Nina!"
Quinn D.
Miami, FL
"I have never seen anyone get results as fast as Nina! I had COPD, constant headaches, and difficulty sleeping. After just 1 session with Nina I can breathe without inhaler, I sleep like a baby, and my headaches are gone! If I didn't experience this myself I would probably never even would know or believe that this is possible! Thank you, Nina..."
Al Hassett.
Boca Raton, FL
"I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer of my liver 3 years ago. The cancer spread to the gallbladder and shortly I had stage 4 cancer living in my body. I cannot imagine anything scarier than knowing that the killer is living inside your body and eating you alive day by day! I remember being terrified every moment, every doctor visit felt like a death sentence. A dear friend told me about energy healing and suggested I try it. I found Nina online. I did not know what to expect. In my first conversation with Nina she told me that she will remove all my fear first so I see how this works. Right there and then the fear was gone, like it was never there. Nina told me to think about the worst moment of my fear and I knew I was thinking it but it did not bother me at all, I couldn't feel it! That is how I knew that I found my answer. The tests 2 weeks later showed that no cancer was found in my body at all! In just one session she killed my cancer, removed all the fears about having it and getting it back, and gave me a new powerful attitude towards myself, my life, and my future. I am going back to Nina to work on my other issues and on my fiance's behavior and certain attitudes. I can't wait!"
Elizabeth Rothen
Boca Raton, FL