I grew up in a family without being taught or shown what love was or is, I am sure my parents never knew themselves. The amazing thing about love is that if you are looking for it long enough, you will find it. That was what happened to me after 50 years on this Earth, I was awakened with Love! Not the kind of love you get from your dog, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, not even the kind of love you get from a loving mother, but the love for yourself from yourself and God. If we choose our own parents and we write our own destiny, and we create our reality here on Earth, then why on Earth did I ever pick abusive and dehumanizing parents? Why would I put myself through abusive relationships, alcohol addiction, and suffering time after time trying to survive? WOW, I got it! So I could find the TRUE meaning of LOVE!

That’s right, I must have really wanted to claw my way up from the gutters of life to find the Love I only hoped existed. And just when I find the beautiful feeling of Love emanating bliss and beauty straight from my soul, I have to deal with feelings of not being good enough, feelings and emotions of fear, disappointment, rejection, abandonment. One by one I started dealing with them, but then I realized that all of these unwanted feelings and emotions are not from God. If we were created perfect and loved, we should be feeling bliss, joy , and happiness. At that point I spoke up, actually, and asked God to remove from me everything that wasn’t from God.  For the next 3 years I was physically sick, my body was detoxing from dark, unwanted energies, believes, thoughts, past lives, and karma. The only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that when I get to come out on the other side, I will be free! And I will know what it is like to live without pain, sorrow, depression, limiting beliefs, and attachments to childhood trauma and PTSD.

When I did come out on the other side of this healing crisis I actually realized that I was channeling from a high Source who got me through this crysis and kept looking after me. At first I was hearing HIM in the shower all the time, HIS words and sentences came in as thoughts and images. When I asked HIS name HE said it was Anohim. I have heard the name before, and he explained that he was representing God’s consciousness, and that I have died and was reborn with a new body and DNA. I was definitely different! Everything looked and felt happier, but on a very tranquil level. I really wanted to know how to heal myself more, and also my 15 year old 140 lb German Shepherd Dog Rufus, who was the love of my life. He opened my soul to love, I rescued him in 2009. He was 3 years old, had broken back, ribs, and infected welts on his head. Worst of all, he was catatonic. He opened my heart when he and I started to heal together.

Love became the center of my Universe, and Rufus was with me every step of the way. Anohim gave me homework to keep asking God: “God, how do I love myself?” With more love came the ability to manifest. I used to be glued to the YouTube channel listening to Abraham Hicks day and night. I loved Listening to him, I felt at home, peaceful and amazingly calm, I couldn’t get enough. The one thing I couldn’t grasp was the Vortex, I even named my first business that name, but I still couldn’t get into one! And then one morning I was sitting next to Rufus, where I always felt grounded and loved, and I felt soooooo much love for him that I finally understood: I was in the Vortex! This was the point of manifestation! This was the point of where we manifest from! I found it!

The incredible feeling of Love for myself and my dog, being fueled by the God presence in me was the center of the Vortex! But there was my question, why wasn’t Abraham Hicks, or anyone else teaching Law of Attraction ever telling us that? Don’t take me wrong, I love Abraham Hicks, but does he know what love is? My friend Anohim didn’t know, so I started asking Archangel Michael, by that time and very shortly after my healing crisis I was channeling from anyone I wanted, and Michael was the first to come through, and Michael explained that Abraham was such a pure Love, that he did not even imagine we humans do not know what that was.

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