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Nina's story

Nina Presman

Nina Presman is the owner and founder of Energy Work Unlimited, Advanced Rapid Healing, and Anti Aging Center of Boca. She came to the United States from Soviet Union in 1979. After her own struggles with emotional and physical issues, weight and trying to live up to the competitive standards of American beauty and body image she became a personal trainer and nutrition consultant.

Personal Experience

In 2013 she graduated from Argosy University with BA in Science of Psychology, in addition she entered a school to learn about skin and esthetics and completed multiple degrees in advanced skin care field. The big dream for her was to combine the understanding of self-actualization, intuitive healing, and happiness together with expressing it outward and developing the outer beauty to match the inner self. With this in mind she created the ANTI AGING CENTER OF BOCA where a person can achieve the look he or she wants without a surgery and grow in her or his awareness of how to be truly happy on the inside also. 

Origins of Energy Work Unlimited

While working and building the business at Anti Aging Center of Boca Nina discovered different types of abilities of self healing. After successfully eliminating her own disorders including the genetic chronic heart disease, and depression, she also founded Advanced Rapid Healing where she directly facilitates the healing of body, mind, and spirit to anyone seeking help in the Delray Beach area and beyond. 

Just recently, Nina started her new project and business called Energy Work Unlimited to empower others and also teach others how to live lives with no limitations and to achieve the level of self-actualization that will bring the true understanding of Unconditional Self Love and Courage to love one-self. Come see why she is the best Intuitive Healer in Delray Beach.

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What I specialize In

My Intuitive Healing services in Delray Beach are Unlimited. Anything you want to fix, I can help with.

Intuitive Healing Military Man Suffering from Severe Headaches


Intuitive Healing Depressed glum soldier during therapy


Intuitive Healing The concept of domestic abuse of a child by father, stepfather, man. Child abuse.

Childhood Truama & Abuse

Intuitive Healing caucasian woman at home sad on the floor with a glass of wine - concept of addiction,

Addiction/ Pain Relief

Intuitive Healing Female with mood disorder

Rape Truama

Intuitive Healing Body Pain. Close Up Of Beautiful Woman Body Having Stomach Ache

Physical Issues & Illnesses

Intuitive Healing beautiful Golden Retriever dog in purple lavender field at sunset. Pets in nature and lifestyle

Animal Healing

Intuitive Healing Young woman with cancer taking pills, cancer awareness concept.

All Cancers

Intuitive Healing cropped view of woman scratching hand while having allergy


Intuitive Healing Cheerful people. Happy couple is outdoors in the forest at daytime


Intuitive Healing Relaxed woman meditating on seashore


Intuitive Healing Mental health care. Depressed young black woman suffering from emotional burnout on couch at home

Mental / Emotional Healing

No obstacle is too big. Shot of a man at the top of a rugged mountain.

Removing Contracts / Obstacles

Beauty, portrait and face of a woman in studio for skincare, cosmetics and anti aging dermatology.


Senior woman practicing yoga outdoors.

Hormone Balancing

impotence or erectile dysfunction concept with banana penis

Erectile Dysfunction

Silhouette of a curly guy with open hands enjoying the at the amazing sunset in summer

Law of Attraction

Young women with problematic skin and pimples on her face. Feamle showing her acne.

Skin / Hair Problems

Defocused scary ghost hands behind a white glass background

Removing Entities

Default and poverty. Financial collapse. Dollar close-up

Money Blocks & Poverty Consciousness

micro organisms cells magnification

Genetic & Chronic Illnesses

Old and new life concept, choosing a new direction, changing lifestyle, looking forward

Past Lives & Karma

Boy Boxing Victory Confidence Posing Winning Concept

Eliminating Fears & Creating Confidence

Woman, yoga and namaste on floor, peace or home for chakra balance, relax or breathing in living ro

Chakra Balancing

Pricing - Intuitive Healing Sessions in Delray Beach

Choose and Book an intuitive healing session package that will fit for your healing needs

Program of 6 individual or family healing sessions

$ 3500
  • This program includes 6 individual or family healing sessions of 1:1 plus 1 free group.

Expert 1:1 Healing Session

$ 750
  • This includes personalized and targeted sessions tailored to your unique needs. Meaning I will use my expertise and intuitive healing abilities to facilitate the deepest transformation as I delete all negative emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blocks and ailments, diseases and deficiencies, and reinstall new positive emotions, thoughts, and physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Healing group or individual support membership

$ 1
500 / Month
  • In this program we include 1 group of Q&A, 1 group of channeling, and also 2 groups of group healing sessions. This also includes support texts and emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our intuitive healing services in Delray Beach

I see the body as a biological computer, it is a different focus for me. Once I change my focus I see the programs in the body both good and bad. While I am conversing with my client the programs that are effecting the situation in question start showing themselves. Sometimes I get the words also from the healing guides in Akashic Records, and sometimes I see full pictures of the past lives and original events from this and other lives that are creating the situation and the programs causing it. Once I see what I need, which takes seconds, I split the particles of the energy that is creating the programs. Splitting the particles deletes these programs and diseases, emotions, and illnesses that are caused by them.

I do something very unique, a person cannot go to school to learn this, there is no course for this modality. What I have and do comes straight from God. I have a gift that allows me to see what others don’t. I am very grateful for that. And this is why I am here to share it with others and make their lives and journeys to Enlightenment easier and happier.

My clients do not usually feel anything except the immediate relief from anxiety, pain, sadness, depression, fear and so on.I ask the client I am working on to focus either on the physical pain, or emotional feeling of fear, or anger, or frustration, for example, while I am removing it. It will disappear right there and then. When I get done my clients cannot feel what they felt a few minutes ago, like it was erased from resistance. The same happens with traumas and painful memories. When I am done deleting the emotions and attachments to the trauma, my client will have the distant memory of the event, but will not feel anything, almost like if it was a movie he or she watched a long time ago.

I see DNA the same way, it looks close to a circuit board. When I ask the question about the issue the magnetic implants in the DNA light up red. Red is the color of pain, inflammation, diseases, negative emotions, black magic, demonic energies, and everything that we do not want in us. I then delete these magnetic programs, which are actually the mutated genes that are creating the issue in the body, the same way by splitting the particles. Many issues we humans have come from DNA, our emotions good and bad are coded in it, by clearing things like ancestral guilt, shame, rage, fear, and other unwanted emotions, we then create new healthy perspectives on reality and life itself. I am also able to download the happy, healthy, and positive programs straight into the DNA itself, permanently changing lives for better.

It really doesn’t matter, I know a lot of people that think that you have to believe in the process for it to then work. Well, this is not a process, it is as easy as now you have it, and now you don’t. If you still feel doubtful The proof is in the results. I have had many clients who wanted me to work on their kids and spouses, mothers and other relatives, but the relatives did not believe or even considered energy healing. I connect to the person through the loved one and I delete all negative programs that are in the way of this person’s well being. The results are as successful as if I was working directly on the person.

I can also easily delete mental illness programs same as any other programs through the husband, wife, mother, or father to the person in need. My intent and the intent of the person I am working through is what makes it all possible. We are all connected energetically, this is how we feel and sense each other. I take it to a different level and provide the healing through these channels.

I can absolutely, with no doubt, say that it always works! And this is another reason I LOVE doing it so much because it always works!

What my clients are saying

Real Reviews From Real Clients

"I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer of my liver 3 years ago. The cancer spread to the gallbladder and shortly I had stage 4 cancer living in my body. I cannot imagine anything scarier than knowing that the killer is living inside your body and eating you alive day by day! I remember being terrified every moment, every doctor visit felt like a death sentence. A dear friend told me about energy healing and suggested I try it. I found Nina online. I did not know what to expect. In my first conversation with Nina she told me that she will remove all my fear first so I see how this works. Right there and then the fear was gone, like it was never there. Nina told me to think about the worst moment of my fear and I knew I was thinking it but it did not bother me at all, I couldn't feel it! That is how I knew that I found my answer. The tests 2 weeks later showed that no cancer was found in my body at all! In just one session she killed my cancer, removed all the fears about having it and getting it back, and gave me a new powerful attitude towards myself, my life, and my future. I am going back to Nina to work on my other issues and on my fiance's behavior and certain attitudes. I can't wait!"

Elizabeth Rothen - Boca Raton, FL

"I first met nena 2 years ago right after the death of my son. My sister and I were devastated, and as soon as we spoke to Nina she was able to channel straight from my son the words that made me feel sane again! Since then Nina has changed my life. I lost all my fears, I became a strong, independent individual instead of being a broken down and submissive person who only lived to please others. I never knew what self love was, or how to put myself first. Nina also healed every member of my family through me, including my children and grandchildren, my husband, my brother and sister, their children as well. Not to mention my cousins and 9 nephews and nieces. I actually could never imagine this kind of healing was possible! I am alive now, and on my way to becoming the person I always dreamt of, but never thought I could achieve, so THANK YOU! Nina..."

Angela Nelson - Tampa, FL

"I don't know where to start! First I had an eating disorder, insomnia, pain everywhere, constant indigestion and so on. Stress was killing me at work and home. I found Nina and I did not believe her, but after the first 3 minutes into the conversation I felt immediate relief from pain in my neck and back, and no stress. She made a believer out of me in 3 minutes. Now, I feel amazing! My work and personal life are blossoming, also. I even met a woman who Nina said was my soulmate and so far so good!"

Gary Finerman - Tuson, AZ

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