Courage to Love Yourself


What does that mean to have the courage to love yourself? Where do you find it, where does it come from? Some people are born with it, some people have to find it, some people never do… My biggest wish is to show everyone and to help everyone to find that courage! Loving yourself unconditionally is one of the most difficult things to achieve, but once we do we can change our entire world! Each one of us is the most powerful person in her or his Universe! Everything that happens to us is created by us, this makes me, you, and everyone else that most powerful being! This is where we start..

We all go through ups and downs, and when we are down who wants to think and ask God: God, how do I love myself 100%? But it works, I know personally what it took for me to grow, to love, and to live. Now I am inspired! I am so inspired, and I love myself so much that it is spilling out of me onto everyone around. This is what makes me a healer. Without the Unconditional Self Love and Courage to Love myself I could never get where I got, or see what can. God gave me an incredible gift, and I want to share it with the world!

Suffering, pain, being a victim of life, a victim of our own fears and limitations is over. The greatest news I ever received was when we got into 5th Dimension on November 11 of 2020, I clearly heard: “the evil is no longer needed…,” I wasn’t sure what that meant at the time, but very shortly I received the explanation. The short version is that we come here to grow, to expand, and with us we expand the God energy itself. The more we struggled, suffered, and overcame, more so we expanded our consciousness and soul. Since our souls are little pieces of God energy it has been expanding with us and getting bigger and stronger. Once we got into the 5th Dimension the expansion was imminent, nothing could stop it or block it, therefore the evil was no longer needed, all was forgiven, and those who chose to be and live with love and God in their hearts started expanding together with God’s energy into the higher dimensions.

Everyone now can be what they always dreamt of being, it only takes one little step: having courage to love yourself! My gift allows me to make this and more to happen easily to anyone, anywhere, anytime! My passion and Love is to delete these programs frog sadness, fear, insecurity, trauma, PTSD, helplessness from anyone willing to live free! I love changing lives by downloading love, happiness, joy, self-confidence, wisdom, and many other beautiful programs!

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