Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks

As I previously mentioned, I used to be glued to YouTube for hours listening to Abraham Hicks, trying to learn everything I could. I couldn’t even imagine that a couple of years later I would be talking to him myself! I had many questions when I connected to Abraham. My first question was about Love: “Why did you not say anything about it to us?” I told him that his teachings were amazing, but they didn’t work for anyone, really, mostly they gave us hope and a window to another reality. The greatest thing about Abraham Hicks was that he woke us up to the  curiosity and existence of vibrations and the ability to create our own reality.

Abram Hicks was very short with me, he was not too interested in my questions. I mainly spoke to a younger being named Zoya. She came through when I was very insistent with my questions, I knew I had to find out what was missing in Abraham Hicks seminars, meditations, and overall Law of Attraction manifestation teachings.

Yes, we are all creators of our reality and destiny, but how do you change the reality you don’t like? What if you are unhappy, miserable, and beat down by life individual? What if you wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares caused by the trauma of your experiences? What if you are a single mother who ran away from an abusive husband who doesn’t have money to feed her children and herself? I have been in situations like that when the world felt empty, angry, and unkind, I was homeless, I was abused, and if I didn’t have the resilience to keep going and to claw and fight for my life, I would have never gotten the gifts I have now. What is the missing piece in Abraham Hicks teachings, because, honestly, where I was, the Law of Attraction would seem like a joke!

I stopped listening to Abraham after about 6 months of non-stop seminars and meditations just to realize that I needed to find the missing piece. As I said, the missing piece was the Self Love and the ability to feel its strength, the undeniable connection with my own soul and my ability to hear and feel what my soul had to say. The feeling of magnetic power to discover and dig deep into my own consciousness to find the answers was more overpowering then anything I ever felt. This drove me deep into myself to discover things I really didn’t like: fears, jealocies, insecurities, defensiveness, and other feelings that are to be expected in an average individual, but to me they looked like boulders that the wall of denial was made of.

Of course, my first question was: God, how do I remove all that? I turned on the YouTube channel to listen to Abraham, but what I wanted to hear wasn’t there… Abraham apparently had no idea what I wanted to know! I actually received my answer the same day from Archangel Michael. Even now I love talking to him because he is the most accurate being and gives me the most accurate answers, regardless of whether I like it or not. Growth, enlightenment, and self actualization only come through seeing and admitting the things you are not willing to live with any longer. This was a huge growth step for me, by asking God about how to remove all that I opened a door to my ability to see the programs in me. If I saw it, and if I felt it, I knew I would know how to remove them.

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